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Why is It Important to Have a Lawyer Prepare Your Will?

Wills & Estates
18 May 2023
Why is It Important to Have a Lawyer Prepare Your Will?

A Will is a legal document that stipulates what happens to your assets when you pass away.

It is important to have a Will because a Will can:

  • Ensure your wishes are carried out after you pass away
  • Appoint executor/s to administer your estate
  • Appoint guardians to look after any minor children you may have
  • Leave instructions for your digital assets
  • Provide for any funeral instructions
  • Prevents unnecessary legal fees in the future
  • Prevents stress for loved ones

It is important to have a solicitor to prepare your Will as you can:

  • Obtain proper legal advice
  • Conform to legal requirements
  • List specific items in your Will properly
  • Plan for any potential claims on your estate when you pass away
  • Ensure your Will is valid

If you pass away without having a valid Will, this can be very complicated and expensive and your wishes may not be carried into effect as certain rules will apply.

If you have any questions in regard to updating or implementing a Will, please contact Jarrad Mobbs or Sarah Meyer on (07) 4417 4417 to discuss.