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Debt Collection

The payment for services from customers is integral to the success of any business. But unfortunately, most businesses will encounter customers who are unwilling to pay.

We are experienced at recovering debts on behalf of our clients in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Our debt recovery techniques include: -

  • Letters of demand;
  • Credit agreements;
  • Statutory demands;
  • Winding up debtors;
  • Bankruptcy notices and proceedings;
  • Caveats; and
  • Securitising debts.

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Partnership and Company Disputes 

There are various reasons why a partnership or company dispute may arise including: -

  • A partner wants to retire, and there is no defined mechanism for them to get out of the business and receive payment for their equity in the business;
  • A partner has been underperforming;
  • A breakdown in the relationship between partners, due to management or personality conflicts;
  • Conflicts of interests between partners, where their interests are no longer aligned.

We can help you understand your options and take action to protect your rights and interests.

At MobbsMarr Legal we will work closely with your financial and taxation advisors to ensure the approach and outcome adopted is commercially sound.

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Commercial Dispute Resolution

The term “commercial dispute” is general and refers to any legal dispute that you may encounter in the course of operating your business.

It could mean: -

  • Issue with a competitor, solicitation of customers by a former employee or breach of restraint of trade by your former business partner
  • A copyright infringement or trademark infringement
  • Lease disputes between landlords and tenants
  • Building and construction disputes

When faced with a commercial dispute, especially in the early stages, the best course of action is to look for strong, practical advice from MobbsMarr Legal who can help mitigate your loss and settle your issue before it becomes too complex and costly.

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