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Sunsuper and Qsuper Merged

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18 May 2023
Sunsuper and Qsuper Merged

Sunsuper and QSuper merged to become Australian Retirement Trust in February 2022.

If you held an account with Sunsuper, you would now have an account with Australian Retirement Trust with your member number remaining the same.

If you hold an account with QSuper, your account has not changed, and you would have received correspondence from QSuper advising of the merger.

It is important to make sure that if you hold superannuation with Australian Retirement Trust including QSuper that you have a valid Binding Death Benefit Nomination on your account. If you do not have a valid Binding Death Benefit Nomination in place at the date of your death, then the trustee of your superannuation fund may decide to pay your superannuation death benefits in a manner that is not in accordance with what you ultimately wanted.

If you have made a Binding Death Benefit Nomination on your account, depending upon the terms of the superannuation fund, your Binding Death Benefit Nomination will generally lapse three (3) years after the date it was made.

Please contact Sarah Meyer of our office on (07) 4417 4417 if you would like to discuss implementing a Binding Death Benefit Nomination or any advice in regard to your superannuation fund.